So What’s it About?

So I have the first chapter on display, but what exactly is this story about? Well, to be specific and yet as vague as possible, this novel follows the story of a man who incidentally becomes a test subject for a prototype teleportation machine. Rather than being brought up where intended though, he is sent to what we know as nonexistence.

Contrary to what we might normally assume nonexistence to be – a void, a black pit, or eternal nothingness – his trip through this supposed empty state leaves him rendered at a place known only as The Axial. Reality’s contingency center and correctional facility for paradoxical phenomenon. From there he has no choice but to abide by the instructions of the host and guide of this facility, and to exploit loopholes in the systems of reality itself in order to make his way back home.

His journey is not as simple as this though – for whilst he must navigate his way through multiple worlds, dimensions, and realities, he must also interact with warriors, rulers, technicians of reality’s spectrums, numerous other entities and numerous other natures in order to meet his goals – culminating in an illustration of similar concepts explored by authors C.S. Lewis and Douglas Adams, in what aims to be a work of simultaneous entertainment, education, and intellectual provocation wrapped into an original and audacious plot; where there is much more than what meets the eye and where logic as you know it becomes a new language to be learned.


The first installment of this tale is determined to be finished within a year of my posting: September 28, 2014 – September 28, 2015. Whether or not I’ll be on bookshelves around that time-frame is still up in the air, but when it becomes legible I will produce an update on it. (Update: Date for publishing is currently ambiguous – whilst the main draft and storyline should be set by the described date, it may take a substantially longer amount of time to flesh out the novel due to an increased work schedule which leaves me little free time for writing. Until then I’ll be putting up random content, possibly including some biographies and back-stories. I’m also thinking of putting out side-stories that to lead straight into the main novel and will provide some added context to both the fictional world and its characters. This would forge a more legible direction for me to pursue in the main story as well, which will help with the plot.)

So now that you have a general idea of what you’re getting into, I guess its my job to start adding content now!


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