Torusque are physically a somewhat ambiguous cross of mammalian and reptilian traits combined into one creature. They’re not cold-blooded, but they have naturally sinuous bodies and scaled hides that are partly similar in texture to that of snake skin. Their overall body structure is aesthetically similar to that of the river otter, possessing a lengthened body, tapered rudder, and relatively short limbs.

As omnivores they possess a wide range of dietary selections, existing primarily upon vegetation, fish, and some suitable herbivores within their natural ecosystem.

Mentally and intellectually they are par to humans, possessing self-awareness and a natural acknowledgement of moral principles. Though less capable in their use of appendages (due to limb length) they are extremely craft-wise and for a time were primarily inclined towards an nature-interactive agricultural lifestyle.

Though naturally docile and somewhat pacifistic in temperament, they are notably adept in the conduct of warfare, both in their past and their future (civilization). Combat is primarily waged in the form of large-scale guerrilla movements, emphasizing stealth and shock tactics.


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