Gugra, like Torusque, are a cross of mammal and reptile, but mostly retain the properties of the latter. Their only major mammalian traits are the fact that they give live birth rather than lay eggs and they are warm-blooded. Physically they resemble something between aardvarks, pigs, and crocodiles, but do not possess lengthened tails. Their limbs are proportionally smaller to their bodies than those of humans.

As a race that predominantly sustains itself within a desert environment, Gugra are exceptionally robust, not to mention of a commonly bull-headed disposition. They express a narrow proficiency in wood-work and construction, thus resulting in ridiculously designed but oftentimes effective means of keeping the elements at bay.

As warriors, Gugra are by far the most virile and ferocious in their world, if not the most tactful. With gun smithing as one of their greatest assets they rely heavily on the use of firearms in combat, which are primarily one-shot and revolver-styled (owing to the timeline). Though by nature most Gugra are war-like, the neighbors only have to worry about them when their clans and parties aren’t fighting amongst themselves.


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