Augur are the moles of the desert.  Unlike most moles they are extremely tough-skinned and surpass even the Gugra in natural armor.  As pure reptiles they are also mostly exclusive to desert environments, wherein they reign supreme.

Housing usually consists of whole communities of interlaced underground abodes from which they remain organized and largely hidden from top-dwellers. Owing to rare but violent rainstorms these are necessarily built in elevated locations that don’t experience flooding.

Their physical structure is quite compact and they share a similar physique to Torusque. Owing to their armor and brute strength they are also the powerhouses and heavyweights of Crest (their earth). With three pairs of leathery, sealable ears and three separate auditory nerves, they are virtually impossible to sneak up on. Assuming one can, the only means of effectively incapacitating this trait is by causing direct trauma to each individual ear-drum, which of itself is a difficult task due to a thick skull and large, protective and controllable tragus.* Their sight is nothing special, but their complex hearing system integrates partially with all other senses – including the perception of color and the sensation of touch.

In warfare they are largely unmatched and are respected by all.  For as heavy as they are, speed and agility come naturally. Temperament is relatively docile due to their lack of enemies and stationary lifestyle.

*Tragus – the proper term for “that little bump in the middle of your outer ear – if you press it inward it partially covers your outer auditory canal.”


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