The Rouke are a human-like race that primarily reside in the middle of Tideburn, but are also predominant members of several mercenary colonies spread beyond the region.  Intelligence and sight are their biological strong-points, making them proficient individuals in society, as innovators, economists, and as fighters.  Though not proportionally as strong as many of the other smaller species are, they make up for this in the form of political skills, ranged weaponry, and overall wit.  The Rouke are also greatly inspired by the Turians of Mass Effect, sharing some very blatant facial similarity.

Whilst they have a central hub in which to live, their numbers are quite small (only several thousand populate the district) owing in part to the fifty-six invasions that have been made on its four towns in recorded history. Throughout all of these assaults they lost many lives and their land on several occasions, eventually reclaiming and restoring its war-torn extremities with current housing.  Three of their four towns are thus filled with a myriad of structures that date from the present to as old as 1800 years, making them a conglomerate wonder of the world rife with historical intrigue and tourism when it isn’t being set upon by armies.


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