Q:  What kind of storytelling makes up the majority of this novel? 

A:  Credence is a culmination of science-fiction and fantasy elements generally told from a third-person perspective.  As such, I try to include immersive but unraveling descriptions of the environment, characters, and sensory perception so as to keep a good pace, stay on-track with the plot, and not lose any significant intrigue in the process.


Q:  Any primary thematic elements that you intend to include?

A:  Although the narrative is a fairly open-ended philosophical and theological venture on the whole, warfare and action still play a large part in this first installment I’m working on. I’m a big fan of seeing the deeper subjects of life on paper and on-screen, but I still enjoy battle scenes, and typically the more suspenseful and action-packed the better.  Psychology is also a pet interest of mine, so getting into the heads of important characters may put a few thematic and contextual twists on the story.


Q:  Are there any actual dragons in “The Credence of Dragons and Men”?

A:  Yes – actual dragons do appear (not just for cameos) and play key roles all around. Granted, they may not be seen for awhile – I’m still deciding where exactly they’ll go.



Q:  Can you offer any clues as to what kind of worlds or universes Credence will explore?

A:  Those could be divided into isolated themes for the most part: currently my primary lineup (beyond just the first novel) will consist of rolling tribal plains, futuristic city-scape, post-apocalyptic, western/neo-steampunk, and supernatural/supersensory.  There are a few other mixed themes though that are still being worked on right now.






Have any questions about my literary work that need answering? Feel free to drop it here or shoot me an E-mail – I might feature it on this page!


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